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Double Pole Dancers

Frequently Asked Questions

Get to know more about us and our services.

  • Where is Groove Studio located?
    Groove Studio is located at Waterloo Centre. Take Lift E at Blk 262 Waterloo Centre in front of Wonder Gelato shop or GetnGo Convenience store, take to level 5, walk down to level 3, first unit on your right.
  • What personal information are needed and what will they be used for?
    Please refer to our Personal Data Protection Policy for more details. Please write in to us at if you need any clarifications.
  • Are there washrooms and bathing facilities available?
    Washroom is available outside the studio and on the same level. There are no shower facilities available.
  • What should I prepare for class?
    Pole classes: Please prepare stretchable shorts with a sporty tank top or crop top. Aerial classes: Please prepare stretchable fitting clothes that cover the back of your knees, armpits and torso, such as a sporty top with leggings or long tights. Exotic Dance classes: Please prepare comfortable wear such as tank top with shorts/tights/leggings and a pair of knee pads. For dance heels, ensure that there are straps and the soles are clean. Please bring your own water and towel.
  • What if I miss my class?
    Students may choose to do make up for any lesson of any course that students have taken before or a lower level lesson or replace with 2 hours of practice with 1 hour of missing lesson. Write in to at least 7 days before the date you wish to do make up. Students may make up for up to 1 lesson for 4-lesson non-choreo courses or special term; and up to 2 lessons for 6 or 8 lesson courses. There will be no replacement class if the course is purchased during promotion. Make up class must be arranged within the same term of the course, subjected to the Studio’s approval. No credit or replacement class will be issued if the make up class is missed. The Studio reserves the rights to refuse any make up class arrangement. The Studio does not guarantee availability of make up classes, thus we encourage you to commit to the lesson dates signed up you have signed up for.
  • What if I want to change/withdraw from my course?
    For in-studio courses, please write in to to request for change or withdrawal on medical grounds (subject to approval) at least 5 days in advance from the course start date. For course that has already been confirmed or started, an admin fee of $20 will be imposed if the change of course to another course/slot/next intake of course is effected by student under any reason (regardless of medical, travel or work plans). There shall be no withdrawal once the course is confirmed, however, the student could look for her replacement by emailing the details of the replacement to and there is an admin fee of $20. For online classes, please write in to to request for change or withdrawal of class at least 8 hours in advance from class start time.
  • Are there any trial classes I may attend before signing up for a course?
    We hold monthly trial classes. Please write in to us at to be informed of any upcoming trial dates.
  • Do you provide private class?
    Yes, we do. Please write in to us at for private classes.
  • I have no dance background, can I join Exotic Dance or Heels Dance or Pole Dance courses?
    Our Beginner/Level 1/Open courses are suitable for students with no dance background. For levels 2 or above, we strongly encourage you to complete Beginner/Level 1/Open before going on to the next level.
  • I have taken some Pole / Aerial / Dance courses from other studios before. At which level of the courses should I continue with you?
    Please write in to us at and we will assist you from there.
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