Yes! All our studios spots Air Cleaners ever since we opened and we promise that you will get to breath good clean air when your taking our classes.

Pole Dancing, Exotic Dancing, Aerial Dancing all under 1 roof, it’s gonna be lots of fun altogether we promise!!

Our new Groove@ Amara Studio at Tanjong Pagar, located  right in the heart of Singapore’s busiest business district, just 2 minutes walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT, next to Amara Hotel, is opening real soon! Stay tune for studio opening date which will be posted in our facebook page as soon as the dates are confirmed!

It will be double the size of our existing Suntec City Mall studio which includes a big lounge for students to relax before and after class...


NEW!! X-Pole, 40 mm & 45mm, Chrome & Brass X-Pert Spinning Poles are available now at GROOVE. Prices Starting $590 only. GROOVE provides full support for all Original X-Poles in Singapore & Malaysia. Chrome, Brass & Titanium Poles with 45 & 50mm poles are available for order.

Beware of imitation sold on the internet. Email to enquire


Join Us for Korean Exotic, Pussycat dolls, other Exotic & Pole dancing classes. Offered here only at Groove Dance School. Dance to the latest Korean sensation like Girls Generation, wonder girls and many more. Learn to move and Groove to the beats of their sexy exotic & pole dances. Sign up for it here.

Groovy Night

Click here for Pictures of NOW in our GALLERY! Groovy Night @ St James Powehouse 10th December 2011.


About Groove

Groove Dance School is Singapore’s most established all ladies exotic and pole dance school since 2005. As the Singapore’s premier women’s only boutique dance and fitness centre, Groove Dance School offers specialized dance classes in pole dance, exotic dance, Pussycat Dolls Choreography, Korean Pop Sa-Rang-Hae Exotic Dance and more!, for ladies to get in touch with their sensual and fitness self.

Hot news!! Groove Dance School has recently acquired its 2nd studio at Groove @ Amara, having international partners to deliver aerial courses (silk fabric and hoop), Cabaret Burlesque!

Touted as the Top Exotic & Pole Dance School in Singapore, Groove dance school is choice school among many ladies: From new beginners to experienced dancers, tertiary students as well as working professionals.

Groove in the Press

In less than 5 years, Groove Dance School has entered the international scenes of the industry, having performed and participated in the Asia Pacific Pole Dance Championship 2010 in Brisbane Australia. Overseas partners are welcomed to contact us at for explore international franchise opportunities, and share the goodness of Groove Dance School!

With more than 15000 students grooving to different dance classes, Groove has been featured in many forms of media, having featured in Business Times, Cleo magazine, Tro-para Japanese magazine,, Razor TV and more! Click here to check out the many reasons why the press loves Groove Dance School.

New to dancing?

No dance experience at all? Don’t fret! No dance experience is necessary for all Groove’s level 1 dance classes.

With or without dancing experience, Groove Dance School is ready to offer an enjoyable and fulfilling experience for beginners and advanced (testimonials) students alike. Groove’s dance classes are kept small to ensure everyone gets as much as they needed, and difficult moves are always considerably broken down into easy-to-follow steps.

For experienced dancers

Coupled with your red hot passion in dancing, Groove dance school Groove Dance School helps you take dancing to a whole new level, with performers and instructor courses, taught by renowned international instructors! All to groom you towards your aspiration as a performer, or even a dance instructor!

Groove dance classes are versatile and flexible too! Students are always welcomed if they would like to hire the instructors for any dance private classes in accordance to your own schedule. With private classes, not only dance classes timings are adjusted to your convenience , the lessons will also be customized to your learning progress. No matter if you are a beginner or an aspiring competitor or performance dancer, feel free to engage our experienced dance instructors and enjoy undivided attention during your dance lessons!

Groovy Dance Instructors
In Groove dance school, we believe that more could be learnt along with fun, joy and laughter! All our friendly bunch of dedicated and specialized instructors are certified and have more than 5 years of dance teaching experiences! Deeply passionate about their dance specializations, they ensure quality lessons that all students will properly benefit by feeling better, getting fitter, looking sexier while enjoying every dance class!

Groove’s Perfomance Team - Team Scarlet
Groove Dance School has taught and performed in many public corporate events, national parties and even private hen-nights! Groove’s resident performance team- Team Scarlett are experienced and trained to provide sizzling dance moves to many different events.Find out where Team Scarlett has been Grooving!

Testimonials: Learn more about Groove from our very own Groovettes!

Sridarti Herryano, Exotic Dance level 1
Groove dance instructors are always so patient and always takes time to understand my strength and weaknesses in order to help me better my dance moves. They never fail to create fun and laughter during all the dance classes and neither would they compromise on safety and fitness!

Dida Cristabal, Exotic Dance level 3
Groove exotice dance lessons are fun! It makes everyone feel comfortable in the dance moves. The instructors gives attention to the movements which may be difficult to some students and goes through the sequence till everyone gets it. The exotic dance lessons are always kept friendly with a relaxed atmosphere. I will be signing up again for sure!

Jiaying Toh, Pole Dance level 1
The instructors makes the execution of every move, no matter easy or complex, easy to master! The instructors always ensure that we perfect every move with easy and always attentive to details. The instructors and students are all so friendly! Pole dancing with Groove Dance School is a great experience!

Denise Er, Pole Dance level 5
I started my dance adventure with Groove and enjoyed every bit of it! I consider myself as a slow learner but the instructors and my fellow classmates are always so encouraging but careful with every pole dance trick we learn. I am 100% sure that I continue pole dancing and grow more confident and sexy with Groove!

Delan Yva, Pussycat Dolls Choreography Level 4
I have prior dance experience before Groove but I have been visiting Groove for dances classes more than others! The lessons are carefully paced for me and my fellow classmates to master the cool dance moves and have lots of fun at the same time! It is always a pleasure to spend my weekly lessons grooving to the beats of Pussycat Dolls songs!

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