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"Why Pole Fitness is the Ultimate Full-Body Workout: 10 Compelling Reasons to Get Started"

Updated: 1 day ago

Do you find it difficult to motivate yourself to go to the gym for a routine exercise session? Do you struggle with motivation and self control when it comes to staying healthy and in shape?

There's something you have to try if this describes you!

You need something different, something that doesn't feel as taxing, if you lack the self-discipline to go to the gym or exercise at home. Something that you don't have to force yourself to find the motivation to get up and go.

That something is Pole Fitness!

When you think of pole fitness, what comes to mind? You're terribly mistaken if you think it's a room full with exotic dancers, but if you want to give it a shot, you can still locate exotic classes in Singapore!

Pole fitness is becoming more popular worldwide, and it's even becoming a sport that's getting ready for the Olympics. Although there is still some stigma associated with it in our society, it is starting to get much more acceptance. 

To do pole exercise, definitely don't need to wear 8-inch heels or look flawless. Groove Studio classes, in fact, will start with everyone in their typical sports clothes, barefoot, and end with them all in a sweaty, weary heap. Similar to going to the gym, but a lot more thrilling and enjoyable!

Let's dive into the top 10 reasons that you should begin pole fitness right now to improve your health!

1. Weight loss / body tone

If you have challenges to slim down. Pole fitness will help you to strip down that unwanted weight! It's possible to burn 500 calories in a single class, perhaps more if you train intensely.

Cardiovascular exercises like running, spinning, or swimming aren't to everyone's taste, and using diet pills can be dangerous.  

A vast array of workouts and moves used in pole fitness tone your muscles from top to bottom while also burning calories. It's a really fun and effective workout for your arms, legs, abdomen, and shoulders. 

2. Pole Fitness is for everyone

It is not necessary to possess any certain abilities or dance experience, nor to be physically fit, to begin engaging in pole fitness. You will find people from all walks of life in pole classes, from students, housewives, working executives to  professionals. Everyone can do it.

Some people advance more quickly than others, particularly if they are fitness enthusiasts who use skills from other activities, like climbing. Pole fitness is beneficial to everyone, regardless of age or fitness level. It comes in a variety of levels.

3. Happy workout

Pole fitness sessions are sure to make you happy, even though you won't realise how hard your muscles are being worked until the next day. The good news is that as you get stronger, the muscular discomfort does eventually go away, but you'll still feel like you've worked out hard.

4. Confident & empowered

One of the main reasons students dropout of pole classes is that they feel uncomfortable and foolish during their first few sessions. However, as soon as you master the fundamentals, your muscles will grow and you'll advance far more swiftly.

Gaining these incredible abilities also has some incredible emotional benefits. You'll walk higher and more confidently by nature, and your posture will be better.

There is a sense of empowerment when you master all those new routines and enjoy an incredible workout. You'll feel less bashful, more appealing, and more confident in the long run. It will also provide you with the incentive you need to keep trying.

5. You are never alone

You won't ever feel left out whether you begin pole exercise alone or with a friend. You'll be surrounded by positive and upbeat people in the pole fitness community, where there's a true sense of fellowship and encouragement.

At Groove Dance Studio, you can attain your objectives in a secure and welcoming setting with friendly instructors who will enthusiastically lead you every step of the way.

In a pole fitness class, ladies of all ages, shapes, and fitness levels are welcomed with open arms, so you never have to worry about being criticised. It's a fantastic spot to meet new people and form friendships.

6. All-in-One workout

Pole fitness classes combine so many different types of exercise that focus on more than one body part. There will be floorwork, some dancing, spins, climbing and for the more advanced polers comes inverting and lifting your whole body upside down!

You will only become more and more fit as you raise your body to try new moves over and over again. 

7. More flexible body

Although not everyone strives for flexibility at first, with pole fitness, it will eventually come naturally. Not every move will be achievable immediately, as some require a certain level of flexibility. Don't worry if you're not too flexible right now, with more lessons, you will get more flexible!

8. Body awareness

Pole fitness helps to develop better body awareness and improved coordination. When you begin to learn some of the more complex routines your heightened awareness can be applied to daily life. Imagine the balance, awareness and coordination that it takes to hold yourself upside down on a pole. Can you see how this has the potential to help you to avoid injury in your regular activities? You'll be less likely to bump into things and slip, trip or fall and this will carry through with you into old age.

That's because pole fitness workouts work not only your muscles but also your brain and ability to solve problems!

9. It doesn’t have to be sexy

We are fully aware that the majority of individuals don't exercise with the intention of looking sexy or exotic. They simply want to get a decent workout. That's perfectly fine.

Some classes offer theatrical dance performances, but some get a little sly and twerk! Groove Dance Studio emphasises sheer strength and more supple, bendy movements. You can join the class in your gym attire. 

10. Feeling fantastic

Pole workout helps you to de-stress in addition to boosting your confidence. Your body will release endorphins throughout a quality pole fitness workout, which is actually common in a lot of forms of physical exercise. That's why you may have heard of people who develop an addiction to exercising.  After your workout, those endorphins will help you feel a lot calmer and happier overall.

There are probably a lot of people who can think of more than 10 reasons to begin pole exercise. But all I wanted to say is that it's a truly fun and healthy pastime. Visit our trial class ( to give it a try. 


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