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Our Groovy Instructors

Group Pole Performers

Experienced and friendly instructors who recognise the individuality of each student.


She has been belly-dancing for many years and she is trained in Jazz and Salsa techniques. She ventures into pole and aerial art for almost 8 years. In addition to dances, she also practices body stretching and conditioning.



  • Belly dances at the Kallang Theatre and Victoria Theatre.

  • The Singapore International Salsa festival.

  • The Latin Festival in Sydney, Australia.

  • O School's recital in Broadway jazz

  • Adedance's silk recitals for charity.

  • Slap's pole recital.



The World Dance Competition at Kreta Ayer People's Theatre, Singapore.


A passionate and talented dance instructor, always been captivated by the beauty of movement. Her journey into the world of dance began when she stumbled upon pole dancing and aerial arts, initially with the intention of learning aerial silks. Little did she know that this encounter, ignite a fire within her.


Naomi embarked on her pole dancing journey in 2019. She was determined to defy the common misconception that pole dancing is merely an aesthetic performance, as she realised the immense strength and athleticism required to execute the breathtaking tricks and poses.


She finds immense joy in seeing her efforts during practice translate into flawless performances. When it comes to teaching, Naomi has a particular fondness for dynamic static pole tricks and flips. Her classes are filled with energy, enthusiasm, and a deep respect for the art form.

Naomi believes that learning pole dancing or aerial art should be enjoyable and fun.


Born with a natural affinity for grace and movement, Trina embarked on her pole dancing journey in her 30s, defying societal expectations and embracing her newfound passion with unwavering determination. As she delved deeper into the art form, she discovered that one of the most common misperceptions associated with pole dancing was its reputation for being sleazy.

Trina has created many memorable routines over her career that are both distinctive and fascinating. She choreographed her very own routines and participated in competitions in Malaysia and Taiwan in 2014 and 2019. Through the art form, Trina has seen herself and her students develop self-confidence and embrace their bodies. As an advocate for empowerment and self-love, she firmly believes that pole dancing has the power to transform lives.

"The top reason for someone to consider learning pole dancing or aerial art is simply the opportunity to discover their hidden potential. One can never truly know if they have a passion for something until they give it a try." - Trina.


Meet Cheryl, a seasoned dance professional with an impressive 15 years of expertise in the mesmerising realms of pole dancing, aerial silk, aerial hoop, K-pop and hip hop dance. A true virtuoso in the art of movement, she has not only mastered these disciplines but has also become a prominent figure in the dance community.


  • Won the Groove Dance School - Group Dance Competition 2011

  • Groove Dance School – Groovy Night 2011

  • Acro Polates’ 4th Anniversary 2012

  • Slap Dance Studio recital in 2017

  • Milan Pole Dance Studio recital in 2018,

  • Adedance recital in 2017, 2018, and 2019. 

These performances have not only highlighted her technical prowess but also their ability to captivate audiences with a unique blend of grace, strength, and artistic expression.

As a dance instructor, Cheryl believes in promoting not only physical well-being but also in fostering a positive mindset. These are a firm advocate for keeping fit, finding joy in movement, and embracing the philosophy that age is just a number.

For Cheryl, dancing is not just a skill; it's a philosophy of life. A mission to inspire others to believe in the beauty of movement, to stay fit, be happy, and, most importantly, to age gracefully. Through years of experience and a commitment to the craft, Cherly continues to be a guiding force, encouraging others to discover the joy of dance and its transformative impact on both the body and the soul.



Angelina has been passionately dancing since the age of 8, with a primary focus on modern dance styles including jazz funk, contemporary, and modern jazz. Over the years, she has honed her skills in various styles such as lady/girl style, Latino, go-go (high heels), and strip plastic. Angelina brings a wealth of knowledge and a personalized approach to her teaching, ensuring each student achieves their dance goals while enjoying the process. Her students love her dance teaching in strip plastic, floor work, high heels and her flexibility class. Her training in high heels, private dance, and sense strip adds a specialized edge to her classes, while her experience in Latino solo and twerk brings a vibrant and dynamic energy to her teaching style.

Angelina's teaching is greatly enriched by her extensive trainining including:

  • Sense Me Dance

    • High Heels

    • Private Dance

    • Sense Strip

  • Latino Solo, Moscow (2022)

  • Twerk with Elena Yatkina (Fraules) (2023)

  • Workshop High Heels with Polina Glen, Moscow (2019)


Reliable and dedicated yoga instructor with five years of teaching experience and a passion to help others learn to move with their breath through yoga for better health and wellness. She is a patient and kind yoga instructor that specialises in teaching wheel yoga, kids yoga, hatha flow, yin yoga, and yin yang yoga—a blend of dynamic and passive yoga. Experience with pupils of various ages, from 4 to 70. Adept at modifying poses for students of different skill levels.


“I believe that yoga is not about whether you can perfect a pose or touch your toes, but more towards developing the awareness to better understand your body and mind with all their limitations, and nurturing your potential to achieve your health and fitness goals effectively and safely.”



  • Union Yoga Ayurveda 

  • Private online yoga 

  • Samata Soul 

  • Living Yoga Singapore 

  • HometeamNS @ Bukit Batok 

Our Groovy Instructors

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