Health Advisory


Please take note of the following safety measures for Phase Three (Heightened Alert), which aim to continue the protection of our community and to keep everyone safe.These measures will also be posted on our social media and circulated via our newsletter.

:: Pax Size for Classes / Practice ::

  • Groups of 2 are allowed, capped at total 5 pax at any one time in the studio.
  • Buffer time of 10mins will be included between classes and 15mins between practice slots for the current phase. 

:: Safe Distancing ::

  • All individuals should keep 2 metres physical space apart from other people within the studio room while attending class or doing workout.
  • All individuals should keep 1 metre physical space apart from other people within the lounge and entrance of the studio.
  • Only 1 person is allowed at each apparatus at all times.
  • Physical contact within the class should be avoided unless absolutely necessary (safety first!).
    Instructors have been advised to avoid physical contact with students where possible.
    Correction of moves would be mainly done verbally or through demonstrations.
  • Use of crash mats is strongly encouraged. The crash mats will be sanitised on a daily basis. 
  • Strictly no sharing of pole, cloth, mat are allowed.
  • Max 2 pax are allowed in the lounge room at any one time.
  • Max 2 pax are allowed at the entrance area at any one time.
  • Students are encouraged not to hang around after class has ended. 

:: Wearing of Masks ::

  • Mask should be worn at all times.

:: Temperature Check and Scanning of SafeEntry ::

  • Temperature check and scanning of SafeEntry via TraceTogether app or the TraceTogether Tokens are required prior to entering studio.
  • Anyone having a temperature above 37.5 deg C or having visible symptoms including coughing; sneezing; breathlessness; and a runny nose should not enter the studio.
  • For missed classes, please write in to for replacements.

:: Deactivation of Individual Unique Door Code ::

  • Individual unique door code will stay deactivated for Phase Three (Heightened Alert).
  • For practice sessions, temporary door code will be provided via email at least 2 hours before practice time.

:: Bring-Your-Own Cleaning Cloths and Yoga Mats ::

  • Crash mats will still be provided in the studio during this phase. Crash mats will be cleaned and sanitized regularly.
  • Cleaning cloths for apparatus, yoga mats and yoga blocks will not be available for the current phase.
  • Please bring your own cleaning cloth.
  • Yoga mat and yoga blocks are optional. Please bring your own if needed.

:: Disinfect Items and Surfaces ::

  • Alcohol solution is provided for wiping down of apparatus before and after use.
  • Alcohol spray is provided for cleaning of crash mats before and after use.

:: Personal Hygiene ::

  • Please exercise good personal hygiene practices such as washing your hands regularly.
  • All individuals are encouraged to use the hand sanitisers provided near the studio entrance prior to entry.

:: Stay Home Notice / Quarantine ::

  • For any individual under quarantine, Stay Home Notice (SHN), or any other government-issued isolation order, kindly stay home and refrain from entering the studio.
  • If you are feeling unwell for any reason, even if you have not travelled, please do not visit our studio. If in doubt, please err on the side of caution and stay home. 
  • For missed classes, please write in to for replacements.

:: Tested positive / Been in contact with a confirmed case / Contacted by MOH ::

  • For any individual who has been tested positive / been in contact with a confirmed case / contacted by MOH, kindly inform the studio in advance and return to class only after the all-clear is received.
  • For missed classes, please write in to for replacements.

Further updates will be provided as and when released by the Government.