Accelerated Pole Program – Beginner

Groove’s Accelerated Pole Dance Program is a fast track curriculum for the fit and passionate pole dance enthusiast.

In just 22 weeks you will complete the Beginner syllabus with the aim to progress to similarly paced Intermediate and Advanced levels.

Conducted in Groove’s usual friendly and safe environment, this specially designed format will enable you to build solid and strong techniques in a shortened amount of time, to stoke your love for it!

This program will cover 4 Beginner courses:

  • Pole Beginner 1 (PB1)
  • Pole Beginner 2 (PB2)
  • Pole Beginner 3 (PB3)
  • Pole Beginner 4 Choreography (PB4C)

Usual duration to finish all 4 courses is 30 weeks.
With APP, you will finish them in 22 weeks!

What’s more, you will get a package price of $720 for the 4 courses (U.P. $900)!
You will also receive complimentary 1-month Unlimited Pole Practice Aerial Practice package (UPPAP)!

Click here to check the available slots and book the program!

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, if you have to withdraw from the program after it starts, please note that there will be no refund.
However, you can transfer the program to another person.
Success of transfer will depend on approval by the management and also depends on whether the transferee would be able to pass assessment to join the program at that stage.

Feel free to contact us at for any queries.