December 2018 Trial Classes


December 2018 Trial Classes!

Christmas Vouchers 2018

Unlimited Pole and Aerial Practice package


Unlimited Pole Practice and Aerial Practice (UPPAP) package!

@ $58 per 1-month period

Available on weekdays 10am to 5pm.

Past Events


Groovy Year End Party 2018


Groovy Year End Party 2018!

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Renee is our sultry dance instructor in exotic, pole and lap dance classes. Armed with a Basic Exercise Course from the Singapore Sports Council and lots of performance experience, Renee ensures every lesson is fun, fulfilling and safe. She incorporate safe warm-up exercises to condition the dance muscles in her dance classes.

Renee also belongs to Team Scarlett (Groove’s resident performance team) and has performed in MOS, Club Momo, The Arena, Royal Scotts Plaza and more. She is also the ever faithful helping hand to Groove’s exotic and pole dance students for their performances. Her patience and listening skills are her most groovy teaching traits. And of course, her sexy hair and naughty tattoos are her most groovy performance trademarks.

Renee has grooved at:
1. Club Momo Pole Dance Competition 2007
2. Exotic and Pole workshops in Kuala Lumpur 2007
3. Sports Party Animal Movement at St. James Power Station 2008 by Singapore Sports Council
4. Siloso Countdown Party 2010
5. 913 FM Studio- Pole dance birthday surprise for Rod Monteiro 2010
6. Movida Salsa night Dance Party 2010
7. Paulaner’s Asiaone Motoring Night 2010

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