November 2018 Trial Classes


November 2018 Trial Classes!

Year End Party 2018

Yoga Stretch


Finding ways to improve flexibility? Want to ease some sports injuries?

Join our Yoga Stretch courses now! 

Past Events


Groove Experience Day 2018


Groove Experience Day on 05-May-2018!


And it's a wrap! 8th year and counting!

So thankful to all those who came down for our workshops! We really hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did!

Special thanks to all our lovely instructors and students who put in so much effort for their awesome performances! 

Private Classes

Can’t catch up in group classes? Or, your job requirements make it simply impossible to attend our group classes? Are you organising a special birthday party, company event, hen party or wedding dance and need our exclusive attention.

Enrol for private sessions with our friendly instructors and enjoy personalised dance coaching for Street Salsa, Street Cha-Cha, Bachata, Belly Dance, Exotic Dance, Pole Dance, Hip-Hop, Jazz and more.

Private classes may be done solo, with a partner, or, with a group of your classmates or friends who are of similar dance level as you. During private classes, YOU will determine the syllabus and dictate to the instructor what YOU would like to improve on. Best of all, you may arrange your own class time-table with your preferred instructor. E-mail us at to book for your slots (available only on weekends). Our rates for private classes are listed below.

Private classes rates for any dance course except Pole Dance & Hen Nights:
no. of students 1 - 3 sessions 4 - 6 sessions 7 - 9 sessions
1 $100/ hour $90/ hour $80/ hour
2 $170/ hour $160/ hour $150/ hour
3 $190/ hour $180/ hour $170/ hour
4 $210/ hour $200/ hour $190/ hour
5 $230/ hour $220/ hour $210/ hour
6 $250/ hour $240/ hour $230/ hour
For 7 or more students, please e-mail us @ or call us at
6223 4813 for quotation.

Private class rates for Pole Dance are at a flat rate of $100/hour / person. For more than 1 student, the rates are as follows. These rates are not applicable for Hen Night bookings. Please e-mail us for quotations for Hen Night Bookings @ or call us at
6223 4813 for quotation.

Private classes rates for Pole Dance (except Hen Nights):
no. of students Blocks of 4 sessions
1 $100/ hour
2 $180/ hour
3 $240/ hour
4 $260/ hour
For 5 or more students, please e-mail us @ or call us at
6223 4813 for quotation.

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