New Studio Groove@Pearl

Groove Dance School is moving to Pearl's Hill Terrace! 

Thank you for all the love and support at Amoy Street!
Join us at Groove@Pearl from 04-Mar-2019 onwards!

Duo Pole (Beginner)

Looking for new challenges with your best pole buddy?

Come join our 8-weeks Duo Pole (Beginner) Workshop starting on 7-Mar-2019, Thursdays, 8.45pm - 9.45pm, at our new studio Groove @ Pearl located at 195 Pearl's Hill Terrace.⁣⁣⁣⁣

Criteria: Suitable for ladies who are comfortable with invert and able to do 2 or more climbs.⁣⁣⁣⁣

Feb 2019 Trial Classes

February 2019 Trial Classes

Pole Beginner 1⁣

27-Feb, Wed, 12:45pm⁣

Spinning Pole (Beginner)⁣

26-Feb, Tue, 12:30pm⁣

Aerial Silk Beginner 1 ⁣

24-Feb, Sun, 8am⁣

Past Events


Groovy Year End Party 2018


Groovy Year End Party 2018!

(Full photos are found on Groove facebook page


Groove in the Press

As Singapore’s most established all ladies exotic and pole dance school since 2005, Groove Dance School and its instructors has been receiving good attention from the media.

With its good performance record and extensive experience, Groove have enjoyed far-reaching media coverage in print, publishing, television and online media!

Read on to find out what the media has to say about Groove!

Vertical Dancers

After Groove’s feature in the last highest rated reality program- Can You Serve, now Groove is dancing up the scene on the latest highest rated talent program - One Moment of Glory! (OMG!).
The Vertical Dancers, Irene from Singapore’s top all ladies dance School- Groove Dance School and Miko from Kuala Lumpur’s top aerial art school Viva Vertical served up fantastic performances after performances in front of the national television audience!

The Vertical dancers are the important pair who changes the way Singapore sees pole/ exotic dance- from the stereotyped impression of a sleazy dance in club, to a definition of an acrobatic sports and fitness routine.

“Vertical Dancers have changed my perception of what pole dancing is.”- Jeanette Aw

“Seeing you so fit and acrobatic makes me want to take up pole dancing”- Irene Ang

Remaining as strong contenders after 9 episodes, Vertical Dancers continue to awe the crowd with every item they put up. Support them by “liking” their fan page on Facebook! Go Go Go Vertical Dancers!

   •  Vertical Dancers on One Moment of Glory! Episode 2
   •  Vertical Dancers on One Moment of Glory! Episode 4
   •  Vertical Dancers on One Moment of Glory! Episode 6
   •  Vertical Dancers One Moment of Glory Trailer
   •  Vertical Dancers on One Moment of Glory! Elimination round 1
   •  Vertical Dancers on One Moment of Glory! Elimination round 2
   •  Vertical Dancers on One Moment of Glory! Elimination round 3


Almost-famous TV “Whassups” featuring Groove Dance School
Always wanted to try pole dancing still not convinced? Well take a sneak peek into Groove Dance School’s pole dance class and hear from both Groovy instructors and Groovettes on how and why they enjoy their pole dancing classes!

Straits Times (Razor TV): Groovy Night –School’s Out @ DXO 21st August 2010
GROOVY NIGHT was held in 21st August 2010 with an attendance of close to 400 people filling up DXO! For the first time in Groovy Night history, Groove Dance School works hand in hand with Singapore’s top belly dance school- Belly Dance Discovery as well as Malaysia’s top pole and aerial dance school- Viva Vertical. Watch the videos as we share fun happenings and many Groovy Night performances on that memorable night!

Straits Times (Razor TV): Groove at Reebok Dance Party at Zirca 29th April 2010
Groove was invited to attend the exclusive Reebok Dance Party (Ladies Only). Our instructor and students had a great time dancing together with the famous “Mr. Motivator” and some of them even walked away with awesome prizes! It's all about having fun and fitness in Groove!

Straits Times (Razor TV): Groovettes at Pole Position, Super Import Nights 2009
Groovettes Melissa Ong, Nurul Bte Abdullah, Azalia Bte Abdullah and Alicia Thong enters Pole Position, a pole dance competition at the Super Import Nights 2009. Alicia emerged as the champion and Azalia as the 2nd runner up!
   •  Melissa
   •  Nurul
   •  Azalia
   •  Alicia

Straits Times (Razor TV): Groove teaches a sexy lap dance routine!
Not sure how Groove lap dance classes are conducted? Take a sneak peak to how Groove’s instructors Elaine and Renee teaches our Groovettes a sexy lap dance routine!

Straits Times (Razor TV): Duo Pole Dancing
Watch how Groove collaborates with Viva Vertical Pole Instructor- Lola, where not one but two Groovettes learn how to pole dance on a single pole.

Straits Times (Razor TV): Hot and sexy Stripexercise
Groove dance school is one of the first to offer Stripexercise, a combination of aerobics and striptease move where women strip their way to a better body. Watch how Elaine, our Groovy instructor sizzle the dance floor with her stripexercise moves!

91.3FM: A pleasant birthday surprise for Rod Monteiro at 91.3 radio studio
It was Rod Monteiro’s birthday and The Married Men crew decides to give him a pleasant pole dance showcase from Groove as a surprise! Groove brought the pole to his studio and see how Rod was awed at the delicious dance moves by Renee and Melissa from Groove’s Team Scarlett performance team!


Tro-para (Japanese magazine): Pole Dancing with Groove Dance School
Groove’s principal instructor, Renee, teaches our Japanese counterparts on how to keep toned and fit with pole dancing!
Download:      (jpeg version)

CLEO Magazine:
CLEO recommends Groove Dance School for our popular Korean Sa Rang Hae Exotic dance to keep fit!
Download:      (pdf version)

Business Times: Staying fit the fun way.

Dancing with Groove is the latest fun sports considered by ladies today. Groove’s exotic dance instructor Elaine Te explains why Groove gets more than 10 dance course registrations daily by ladies who are ready to dance to get fit!
Download:      (png version) Renee the guest writer!
Renee’s Groove Dance School’s senior instructor has not only been dancing, teaching, but also writing for the well known Lifestyle Asia .com. In her bi-weekly articles, Renee shares tips on simple pole dancing techniques and also important do and don’t on pole dancing.

   •  3 June - Interview with Pole Instructor- Renee
   •  16 June - Get rid of Butterfly arms with Pole Dancing
   •  30 June - Myths about Pole Dancing
   •  14 July - 5 Safety Precautions in Pole Dancing
   •  17 August - Pole Dance 123 I’m a slave for you! Top 5 most Exotic Dance Schools in Singapore
The title says it all! Groove Dance School is listed in the top 5 exotic dance schools in Singapore!

The Electric Newpaper: If pole dancing can keep you fit, why not stripping?
Remember the pole dance performance in National Day Parade 2009? The sport is fast becoming popular with avid dancers and beginners, and more are exploring dance classes in Groove Dance School, including our newly added Stripexercise!

Dance! Multicultural Music & Art Magazine in April 2009
Our Groovy pole instructors Renee, Eleanor and Elaine shows how pole dancing burns away unwanted calories with plenty of fun!
 Download:      (pdf version)    (jpeg version)

Colleen Exposed by SPH, ST701 in October 2007
 View:      (pdf version)  

Simply Her Magazine in April 2007
Read on to find out how exotic, lap and pole dancing can not only tone your body, but build your self confidence along the way.
 Download:      (pdf version)    (jpeg version)

Nu You Magazine in March 2007 (Chinese)
Lori, our current Groovy instructor shares her experience when she first got in touch with pole dancing at Groove Dance School.
 Download:      (pdf version)    (jpeg version)

EZYHealth Magazine in November 2006
Groove shares a step by step basic steps to exotic dancing.
 Download:      (pdf version)    (jpeg version)

IS Magazine in October 2006
New to pole dancing? Follow the steps that Groove has to share on “Spinner”- simple pole spin!
 Download:      (pdf version)    (jpeg version)

J plus Magazine in October 2006
 Download:      (pdf version)    (jpeg version)

Female Magazine in August 2006
So you think you can Dance? Definitely! See how actors Samantha Tan and Alaric Tay master exotic dance at Groove’s exotic dance boot camp.
 Download:      (pdf version)    (jpeg version)

Nu You in July 2006 (Chinese)
Elaine, out Groovy instructor shares her fitness secrets.
 Download:      (pdf version)    (jpeg version)

IS Magazine in June 2006
Groove appears on IS Magazine to share its classes on exotic dance, lap dance, pole dance and more!
 Download:      (pdf version)    (jpeg version)

J Sport: The Japanese weekly newspaper in June 2006
 Download:      (pdf version)    (jpeg version)

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