Groove Experience Day 2018


Groove Experience Day on 05-May-2018!


We have a series of trial workshops for you ladies!

At S$10/pax, it includes 2 workshops!

After the workshops, we have performances by our lovely students and instructors!

Unlimited Pole and Aerial Practice package


Enjoy our unlimited Pole/ Aerial Practice package during off peak hours (10am - 5pm)!

Private Classes


Past Events


Groove Dance School @ Nova

As resident performers of Club Nova, we had a team of Groovy performers performing weekly, showcasing our Groove Talents!


- Pole Dancers

- Aerial Silk Dancers

- Aerial Hoop Dancers


Pole dance at Nova

Pole dance at Nova

Aerial silk at Nova

Pole dance at Nova

Aerial hoop at Nova



Lewis considers himself as a simple man who is passionate about life and fellow human beings. But you will be surprise this mild character works out to be a fun Pilates instructor at Groove!

Lewis’s journey as a trainer started when having been a competitive runner, he noticed his fitness, energy level, strength and posture changed for the worse during his years when working in the corporate world. While he sees many of his fellow friends face the same problem, he ventured into fitness and pilates to help people change for the better and feel better and healthier.

His patient teaching method are a hit with the Groovetts with kind, encouraging words and help during his Pilates classes. Lewis’s approach to Pilates is to build up the foundation, a baby step at a time, learn and grow to your optimum potential!

Lewis’s Pilates/Fitness Experience:
1. Fitness Trainer since 2005
2. Trained over 100 clients to date
3. Pilates instructor since 2009
4. Specialize in strength and conditioning; Pilates and functional training; Sports performance
5. Weight management and life coaching

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