January 2019 Trial Classes


January 2019 Trial Classes!

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Valentine's Day Workshop 2019


Special Valentine's Day Exotic Dance 2-Days Workshop

@ $50 per pax

22-Jan, Tue, 6:30pm
29-Jan, Tue, 6:30pm

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Groovy Year End Party 2018


Groovy Year End Party 2018!

(Full photos are found on Groove facebook page www.facebook.com/groovesingapore)

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Showing Stretch Class:
Thursday, January 24, 2019
Course/Workshop: Stretch Class
Instructor: Angie
Abbrev. Code: FSC
Location: Groove @ Amoy (Studio A)
Time: 6:30:00 PM
Price for Entire Course: $ 100.00
Duration: 4 weeks x 1hr
Price for Entire Course (Members Only): $ 100.00
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